Brainfinity project 1LET’S BEGIN: Download the first Brainfinity project! We’re expecting your answers Here is the first Brainfinity project. Try to acquire evidence for every statement; and make sure to send us your solutions in PDF format (up to 50 MB) at Submission deadline is Friday, 16 April, midnight. The task spreads across three pages.…

Brainfinity problem solvers, we’re fast approaching the next round of the competition, the Brainfinity Challenge. Taking into account that we have decided to extend the Brainfinity application process due to great interest from children and teachers, new teams that register have another chance to use their knowledge and skills to fight for the valuable prizes…

It’s time for the last Brainfinity problem which can qualify you for the Brainfinity 2021 Challenge.

Another surprise during the winter break! We’re publishing the 8th Brainfinity problem, which means that during the winter break you no longer have a double chance to qualify for the Brainfinity 2021 Challenge; you have a triple chance to do so.

Your first winter break surprise is here! We’re publishing the seventh Brainfinity problem a bit earlier so that you could have more time to work on your answers.

We know that you particularly liked the video problem from this year’s Brainfinity finals. We’ve, therefore, decided to create another one. The 6th Brainfinity problem is designed for environmental aficionados. The topic is essential for our planet and we can’t wait to see your solutions.

Brainfinity is dedicating the 5th Brainfinity problem to Brainfinity Problem Solving Week, which will take place from December 7 through 13 in honor of a problem solving pioneer, the Hungarian mathematician Pólya György. This time, we have decided to switch roles: In the 5th Brainfinity problem, the students don’t solve but create problems. You can…

It’s time to solve a new Brainfinity problem! We designed it to develop children’s financial literacy, enabling them to learn about the stock market through real-life examples. We should point out that the money used in the problem is fake.

Problem solvers, here comes the third Brainfinity problem! We have created the problem entitled Decode the Message together with the non-profit organization Digital Serbia Initiative so as to encourage young people to develop their skills.

Here is the second Brainfinity problem! Solve this literary problem and take your team to the second round of Brainfinity 2021.

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