Why is this competition unique in the world?

Brainfinity – Collaborative Problem Solving Challenge is a unique competition in the region in which teams use information technology to solve real-life problems that require them to apply knowledge and skills in math, logic, physics and other subjects taught in school. Most of all, it helps them use practical real-life examples in specific situations.

Students solve open-type problems similar to those they encounter in problem-based learning. The tasks are designed to develop team spirit and curiosity, critical and creative thinking skills, as well as problem-solving skills.

Takmičenje Brainfinity

About Brainfinity

In an informal environment, teams solve problems using technology and email. Each team is located in a separate room where they have a computer and a tablet, internet connection and a predefined time interval to solve the problem.

The problems always include tasks from specific fields the children are familiar with; however, the students need to use skills in various subjects and areas in order to solve them. This way, the students learn how to creatively apply the skills they gain at school in real-life situations. The teams choose how to present the answers to the jury; for the entire activity, they have 2 hours and 30 minutes. The best teams qualify for the finals that take place in Belgrade. Read more about the competition »

5 reasons why Brainfinity is a unique competition which produces top results and encourages children to think differently

Brainfinity challenges obsolete, formal and boring contests

1. No fear of giving the wrong answer

Unlike standard tasks and tests which have a single correct solution, problem solving includes multiple answers the best one of which is the most sophisticated and efficient answer.

This enables students to work without fear of failure and develop their problem-solving strategies.

Research has shown that in standard tests, as many as ⅔ of students experience a high level of stress.

2. No stress

Fear of tests, bad marks and failure can lead to many health issues including problems with focus, anxiety and sleeping disorders.

Unlike standard tests which take place in an artificial environment, problem solving allows students to gain knowledge and skills in an informal atmosphere. Using modern technology, students examine different approaches and seek answers like mini detectives. Without the feeling of being assessed, the students can focus on problem solving. This is why the students gain confidence and independence, and instead of stress, they feel the satisfaction of having completed a task.

At the competition, the children also have great fun, while the results they achieve are long-term and more important than those achieved in standards tests.

3. It gets the best out of children

Children love challenges, riddles and mysteries. This is why Brainfinity has been designed to help them realize they’re learning and having fun at the same time. Being fully committed to problem solving, they give their best and achieve top progress.

Thanks to this competition, the children understand that math, logic and physics are valuable tools for solving real-life problems. They learn to cooperate and communicate through discussion and argumentation. Finally, we teach the students to use technology in a creative and constructive way in order to solve problems, which helps them realize gadgets are much more than entertainment.

4. Suitable for all types of students

Standard school competitions usually have typical tasks which test one characteristic, and success mostly depends on how much time the child invests in practicing these problems. Consequently, many students cram for such competitions and the skills gained in such a manner are completely useless in the real world.

Brainfinity, however, provides an informal environment in which children work in teams and employ creativity, critical thinking skills and curiosity to solve real-life problems.

Problem solving develops a child’s comprehensive personality and is highly useful for different learning styles. It’s equally as favorable for the visual, logical, verbal and kinetic student types.

5. Practical knowledge and applicable skills

Owing to the fact that it engages children in a constructive manner by solving real-life problems, this competition develops the students’ key skills necessary for academic and professional success in the 21st century.

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