Brainfinity organizers support changes in education

In order for children to develop problem-solving and deductive skills, fulfill their potential in and outside school, and learn to love science, rather than perceive it as an obligation, they should receive support in early childhood from teachers in nursery-school and later on from other teachers and professors.

Owing to the fact that schools in Serbia still mostly employ an outdated learning system which prevents children from fulfilling their true potential, which is why students are often dissatisfied with the teaching methods and learn by default, the Institute for Contemporary Education and Science on Stage Serbia decided to organize the Brainfinity competition designed to develop problem-based thinking skills in children, teach them how to enrich their knowledge by using their potential to the fullest and prepare them for future life challenges.

The Institute for Contemporary Education trains teachers and promotes cutting-edge educational technology

The Institute for Contemporary Education in Belgrade (ICE) teaches educators about modern educational technologies and techniques and develops new approaches and methods in youth education. Through conferences, projects and the Cambridge Teaching Center, ICE helps people become more successful and provides schools and institutions with new methods for implementing work-related technology.

ICE works with leaders in education and provides professional teaching practice for future professors. Learn more about ICE »

Science on Stage Europe brought STEM education to Serbia

Thanks to the Institute for Contemporary Education, teachers in Serbia can now attend Science on Stage training for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) subjects and implement these skills in their work.

Science on Stage (SonS) is the largest network of STEM teachers in Europe, with more than 100,000 representatives from over 30 European countries. SonS has expanded globally and now includes Canada, Egypt, Kazakhstan and Georgia. Science on Stage EU was born out of the Physics on Stage project, launched in 1999 by CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), ESA (European Space Agency) and ESO (European Southern Observatory), as part of European Science and Technology Week 2000. ICE met the strict Science On Stage Europe criteria to become their representative for Serbia. Read more about SonS »

Having brought together teachers and educators who want to develop their educational methods, in 2020 ICE and SonS organized a problem solving competition giving both students and teachers the chance to advance.