A competition that encourages creativity, teamwork and logical thinking among students

Children love challenges, as they allow them to give their best and advance. Today, math competitions can often have a negative psychological impact on the children, putting them under great stress and creating a fear of failure, while parents’ and teachers’ ambitions can also be burdensome.

This prompted the inventors of Brainfinity to create something new – a competition in which kids learn in an interesting way and solve real-life problems. Such a concept renders obsolete the question children often ask when learning math: “How will this help me in life”?

Team challenge: Tackling detective tasks in a contemporary environment

What's it really about?

Brainfinity is an authentic competition designed for elementary school students in years 5 through 8 and high school students who want to try out creative logical problem solving and win valuable prizes.

The three Brainfinity stages


Brainfinity problems are posted on the website on the 25th of each month. By successfully solving the problems, the teams qualify for the following stage – the Brainfinity Challenge. Each problem is solved online and the deadline for sending answers is the 15th of the following month.


The challenge is the second competition level which takes place in March and comprises 3 tasks. The students can choose if they will complete the challenge from a team member’s home, the school library, a local café, etc. All they need is a computer, tablet, mobile phone or any other digital device. The tasks are posted on the competition website. The students have 2 hours to complete them and the solutions are sent to the jury.


After the shortlist, the top five teams from each class qualify for the finals which take place in Belgrade. Here the students have two new tasks and the teams cannot consult their mentors. They have 2 hours and 30 minutes to prepare the presentations and solve the problems which are posted on the website homepage. The teams can choose a method for presenting the results of their research.

Participants – elementary school students in years 5 through 8 and high school students

Primary school students in years 5 through 8 and high school students from any part of the world can register for Brainfinity. Each team should comprise 4 members.

In order to participate in the competition, each team must have a teacher who will guide them and follow their performance. Their teacher-mentor will be the students’ greatest support during the challenge and the finals. If one team has students from different classes, it will compete in the category of the oldest team member. So, if a four-member team comprises three fifth graders and one sixth grader, it will automatically compete with sixth-grade teams.

How to create a team?

In order to register for Brainfinity, you need to:

Brainfinity Think of a team name

Brainfinity Find a teacher-mentor

Brainfinity Create a team logo

Brainfinity Make a team photo

Brainfinity Create a team email

Brainfinity fill out the application form HERE

Check if your team is on this page to see whether you have successfully registered for Braifninity.

More on how to create a team »

Register your team for BRAINFINITY now and increase your chances for qualifying for the finals!

Anyone can register a team, be they students, teachers or parents, as long as they meet all the registration criteria.

Valuable prizes for the best contestants and teachers

The best teams will win valuable prizes in the finals.

However, the best teachers-mentors will also be rewarded! Their prize is a free one-year membership at the Institute for Contemporary Education.