The seventh Brainfinity problem

The 7th Brainfinity problem: Does it pay off to invest in toothpick manufacturing in our country?

Your first winter break surprise is here! We’re publishing the seventh Brainfinity problem a bit earlier so that you could have more time to work on your answers.

Guesstimate and market sizing questions are the most popular job interview questions in the largest companies in the world. Here we have a similar task for you. Organize online gatherings and start solving the new problem.

Help the investor – should you invest in toothpick manufacturing?

An investor sees our region as a potential market for toothpick manufacturing. However, he’s still wondering whether to make the move and start a business. Help him make the right decision.

Note: Download the problem here.

Send your answers via email by January 18

As per usual, send your answers to no later than January 18. You have the entire break to work carefully on the Brainfinity problems. Remember, the teams that solve this problem qualify for the next round – the Brainfinity challenge.

REMINDER: The 6th Brainfinity problem is still ongoing, so you have you have a double chance to qualify for the next round during the break

The new year is upon us. The least we can do is give our contestants a bit more fun and interesting problems, be it all virtual. Therefore, we decided to give you two problems this month.

The sixth and seventh Brainfinity problems give you a double chance to qualify for the next round, the Brainfinity Challenge. Remember that only teams that solve at least one Brainfinity problem within the deadline will qualify for the Brainfinity Challenge.

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