The fourth Brainfinity problem

Here is the fourth Brainfinity problem: We're simulating the stock market in a real example, but with fake money

It’s time to solve a new Brainfinity problem!

We designed it to develop children’s financial literacy, enabling them to learn about the stock market through real-life examples. We should point out that the money used in the problem is fake.

Attack the problem from all sides!

You have been given $20,000. How will you use the money?

Do you remember Vladislav?

Previously, you helped his friend find him. Since you were so successful, he now has a new task for you. He has given you his $20,000 savings and invited you to invest wisely on the stock market during the 30-day challenge. Check out his idea in greater detail in the fourth Brainfinity problem.

How does the stock market work?

You’ve probably seen interesting movies and TV shows about the stock exchange; now the time has come to give investing a go.

The stock exchange is a market where people trade with money and securities in accordance with certain rules. When trading on the stock exchange, it is vital to keep up with current events throughout the world, as the price of shares can change from minute to minute. Wall Street is one of the best-known streets in the world as the New York Stock Exchange.

Perhaps the best example of how one can benefit from the stock exchange is Charles Dow, the founder of the Dow Jones Industrial Average which tracks the prices of shares of the 30 largest companies operating in the US, including IBM, Boeing, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Microsoft, General Electric and others.

What's your task in this problem?

In order to trade on the stock exchange, you need to log on to the MarketWatch website by November 2 here. In the meantime, you can learn about the stock exchange and how it works. We would like to remind you to join the game here by November 2.

You cannot join the game after this date, as on November 2 the stock exchange will become open for trading, every day 3:30 – 10 PM. Observe the companies in which you can invest, follow trends, explore whether these companies are in crisis or if they have great plans, research their history, find out how coronavirus has affected their activities, etc. These are just some of our suggestions.

REMINDER: In order to take part in this problem, you need to register by November 2. After this date, you will not be able to join the game ands you will lose the opportunity to take part in the problem.

We advise you not to invest in companies in which everyone invests, as they have the most expensive shares. This is an example of mass psychology. Think for yourselves and make wise decisions together.

You can compete until November 15, after which we will announce the biggest earners. What’s interesting about this problem is that you can follow the team ranking every day. All teams which make more than 1% of the profit will qualify for the next Brainfinity round.

We should once again point out that this is a game and the money you will have is not real.

Enjoy the new adventure!

Note: Please register the team here so that you could solve this problem and qualify for the Brainfinity 2021 challenge.