Win up to 20 points before the competition starts

The most loyal fans can help their team win prizes and the visual identity of the teams is also rated

Brainfinity generated great public interest, and the tasks, solutions, consultations and suggestions were vastly shared via social media.

This is why Brainfinity finalists can win points with help from their virtual friends, whose creativity will be particularly valued. Here’s how.

Finalists, share your teams on Facebook and like them on Instagram

The best teams can win up to 20 points in the finals

Yes, you’ve read that right.Each finalist will be presented on Brainfinity’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

The best team in the social media vote will be the one with the most shares on Facebook and the most likes on Instagram.

Like the official Brainfinity pages and follow your team:

This way, your family, friends, schoolmates and everyone else you know who has a Facebook or Instagram profile can help your ranking because their likes and shares will be taken into account.

After the finals, the jury will count the votes and give up to 20 points to the teams with the most number of shares and likes.

Engage your friends on time

Only the likes and shares on official Brainfinity pages will count

In the period between the challenges and the finals, each finalist will have a special personalized post on the official Facebook and Instagram profiles of the competition. These are the only posts the jury will consider when assigning the additional points.

How will you recognize the posts that are rated?

Each post will be labelled GLASANJE Brainfinity 2021 and it will be clearly stated in the description that the jury will consider that particular post in the vote, so it will be easily distinguished from other posts.

Glasanje 2021

Logo and team name points accepted in both the challenge and the finals

We would like to remind you that Brainfinity is a competition that recognizes all students’ qualities, which is why the points the teams received for their logo and team name will be accepted in the finals.

Therefore, use everything you have at your disposal and win as many points as possible before the finals.

Prepare yourselves for fair play!

May the best team win.