Why should you register for Brainfinity?

Until recently, parents believed their children should divide their time between learning and playing. Nowadays, however, more and more people think that the combination of the two is the most effective method as it shields children from pressure.

One of the best examples is the education system of Finland, recognized around the world as one of the best education systems known for its play-based learning approach.

We believe that you would like to have more play time in classes and less workload. And to make this happen, we need to fight for it together! One of the first steps is a collaborative problem solving challenge designed for students who have experience with project-based learning and are familiar with this atypical learning method.

Here are 5 reasons why you should register for Brainfinity

1. You will participate in one of the most innovative problem solving competitions

Competitions such as this one have become a hit in the world, as they develop unconventional traits among children, broaden their horizons and help them learn in a manner they’re not accustomed to.

By solving problems through exploration, you will both advance and raise awareness about this type of learning.

2. You will meet friends from all over the world

If your team qualifies for the finals, you will compete with teams that will come to Belgrade from all around the world.

However, you will have the opportunity to meet your peers before the challenge. How? Through social media, of course.

3. You will enter a competition that will give you complete freedom in problem solving

Have you heard about such a competition?

At Brainfinity, you can use any device you want, work in a group and choose how to present your ideas. If you reach the finals, your team will become familiar with new IT devices including a 3D printer, 3D pen, 3D scanner, interactive tables and boards, VR, etc.

4. You will win valuable prizes

Previous Brainfinity winners won trophies, medals and tablets.

This year, the winners can once again expect valuable prizes and we also have a surprise for their teachers-mentors.

5. Show that you're the best!

Use this opportunity to showcase your skills and take part in interesting logic games.

Show what you can do at this contest – your knowledge has no limits.