What is Brainfinity?

Brainfinity is a collaborative problem solving challenge, a unique competition in the region in which elementary school students in years 5 through 8 and high school students solve real-life problems in teams using all the benefits of Information Technology.

This allows students to experience project-based learning (PBL), which enables them to explore topics they are interested in through an entirely different approach.

PBL principles were used in Matematika 5, a textbook created by professors Ivan Anić and Radoje Košanin. A problem solving competition such as this one helps students strengthen their cognitive abilities, learn about teamwork, explore their curiosity and enhance their critical thinking skills.

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The three Brainfinity stages

Brainfinity comprises three rounds. The first task is to solve the Brainfinity problems published on the website on each 25th of the month until February. Afterwards, teachers/mentors help their students solve the Brainfinity challenge, and the best teams qualify for the finals that take place in Belgrade.

Brainfinity problemi1. Brainfinity problems

Brainfinity problems are posted on the website on the 25th of each month. By successfully solving the problems, the teams qualify for the following stage – the Brainfinity Challenge. Read more »

2. Brainfinity Challenge

The challenge, which contains 3 assignments, is posted on the website in late March. The teams have 2 hours to complete the challenge and can do so from any location. All they need is a computer with an Internet connection. Once they have completed the tasks, the teams submit their answers to the jury. Read more »

Finale3. Brainfinity Finals

In the finals which be held in Belgrade, the teams need to solve 2 new tasks in the informal surroundings where they can use all the benefits of modern technology. The teams have 2 hours and 30 minutes to not only solve the tasks, but also to prepare a presentation they will send to the jury. Afterwards, they have to decide on a method for presenting their solutions. Read more »

How to create a team in 5 steps?

Ime ekipe

1. Think of a team name

Create a four-member team and think of an original team name. If you register a team name that already exists, you will be assigned a number, as well. So, be as original as possible!


2. Find a mentor

One of the rules is to find a teacher who will guide through the competition. Discuss it with your teammates and vote, and check whether the teacher is willing to embark on this adventure with you.


3. Create a team logo

Think of what best describes your team, what your favorite colors are and try to incorporate all these elements into a team logo. Use an online editor to create a distinctive visual identity for your team and let your imagination run wild.


4. Make a team photo

A group photo will represent your team throughout the competition. Here we expect you to employ innovation and creativity. Ask your parents or friends to help you make the best shot. And don’t forget – the mentor is also a part of the team.


5. Create a team email

We suggest you name your email after your team name. This will allow you to not only remember your email easily, but to strengthen your team image as well. Surely you know that almost every company in the world has an official email address?

Register and may your detective work begin

The competition is open to all elementary school students in years 5 through 8 and high school students who are interested in logical problem solving and brain games. A team competes in the class of the oldest team member.


What makes this competition unique?


Take a look at how students and teachers can benefit from Brainfinity

Brainfinity Children give their best in challenges such as Brainfinity

Brainfinity Strengthening cognitive abilities using empirical examples

Brainfinity Children find unusual math problems interesting

Brainfinity A unique method for learning the rules of logic

Brainfinity Solving different life situations in a modern fashion

Brainfinity Strengthening team spirit and curiosity

Brainfinity Developing one’s ideas and forming new ones

Brainfinity Improving debating skills

Brainfinity IT at the service of science

Brainfinity Solving logical puzzles stimulates the students’ minds

Brainfinity No fear of failure – any way of thinking is right

Brainfinity Preparation doesn’t require hours of practicing predefined tasks

Brainfinity “Little geniuses” easier to spot

Brainfinity Provoking creativity

Meet the Brainfinity 2021 jury


Nemanja Đorđević


Zorana Lužanin


Ivan Anić


Mladen Stamenković


Aleksandra Rosić

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