Encourage your students to register for Brainfinity

Participation in this unique competition is a great opportunity for your students to gain key 21st-century skills that will significantly improve their academic achievement, increase their career prospects and enable them to shape their future.

How will your students benefit from this competition?

  • Students are trained to implement what they learn at school in a real-life environment

Brainfinity tests children in a real-life environment using practical problems. Unlike artificial conditions, the multiplicity and variability of factors are the main features of problems in a real-life environment. Therefore, the problems children face in this challenge include: quantitative and qualitative information, data interpretation, changes in the relations between facts, space and form manipulation. This requires students to be flexible and active and to employ critical and creative thinking skills, all of which will be immensely helpful in school and beyond.


  • Helping students easily manage the four most important aspects

Owing to the fact that Brainfinity tests students in a real-life environment, they will be able to apply their skills in the 4 key aspects in life:

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Social
  • Scientific

The skills acquired through problem solving are applicable in different fields, making the students fully developed and fulfilled individuals.

  • Students interact with each other in a healthy and inspiring environment

In Brainfinity activities, the students join forces to solve problems and work as a team, trying to achieve the best possible results. Brainfinity’s encouraging and healthy competitive atmosphere allow the students to strengthen their friendships and forge new ones, making friends for life.


  • Valuable prizes

Apart from enjoying the competition, solving creative tasks, spending time together and having fun, the winners will also receive valuable prizes, as well as trophies and medals, which are not only proof of their accomplishment, but also important assets in their further education.

The students acquire the most important PISA skills for the 21st century

The complexity and uniqueness of this competition will enable the children to gain transferable skills that will be immensely important for their future academic, professional and personal development.

In other words, your students gain the key 21st-century skills according to PISA, the most relevant international student evaluation program.

  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Research and exploration
  • Independence, initiative and persistence
  • Information usage
  • Systematic thinking
  • Communication
  • (Self-)reflection

The future of your students is in your hands

The teachers are those who can provide their students with invaluable knowledge, guidelines and values that will make them successful and happy in the future. Therefore, motivate your students to apply and they will be grateful to you!

Allow your students to learn and gain the most important skills, to compete, have fun and grow in a healthy environment with Brainfinity!