How can teachers-mentors benefit from Brainfinity?

Teachers and professors know how important lifelong learning and development are, which is why they often attend conferences, seminars and panels on education. Also, they employ non-formal learning strategies aimed at making their classes distinctive, interesting and memorable.

A special challenge, however, is to achieve success with their students at a competition and Brainfinity provides this very opportunity.

Why should teachers form a team and enter Brainfinity?

1. An opportunity to achieve excellent results and prove your quality as a teacher

Brainfinity allows you to present your students’ knowledge and distinctive abilities.

The contestants will showcase the results of your teaching methods and fight for valuable prizes with your guidance.

2. Among colleagues endorsing innovative and different teaching methods

At Brainfinity, you will meet other teachers from Serbia who advocate teaching using modern methods and innovative technology.

The competition will facilitate cooperation between schools and allow your students to forge new friendships.

3. Exchanging ideas and adopting new approaches in education

At Brainfinity, you will surely find an idea you will be able to implement in your classes with just a little bit of imagination.

Exchanging ideas with colleagues will broaden your horizons and strengthen your contacts in the scientific community.

4. Learning about modern technology used in schools around the world

The Institute for Contemporary Education, which hosts the Brainfinity finals, is equipped with the latest technological devices that can be found in tech-savvy schools around the world.

You will have the opportunity to talk to a robot, try out the 3D printer, 3D pen and 3D scanner, and learn how to use them in teaching. You will also become familiar with Amazon Echo and Samsung Gear VR. You can then make proposals to your principals as to the potential technological innovations in your schools.

5. A free one-year membership at the Institute for Contemporary Education amounting to €300

If your team wins, you will receive a free one-year membership at the Institute for Contemporary Education (ICE), the only institution in the region which presents the latest efficient technologies used in education. The teachers who qualify for the Brainfinity finals will receive an annual ICE membership at half price.


The membership brings numerous benefits for your professional and personal advancement:

    • ECDL course of your choice
    • English level assessment
    • English course in accordance with the test results
    • Attendance at accredited programs
    • ICE lecture and training live stream
    • Training on IT apps organized by ICE
    • Account on the ICE platform
    • Discount for attending ICE conferences
    • Discount for summer/winter schools for educators
    • Attendance, certificates and points for ICE-organized lectures
    • Attendance, certificates and points for lectures organized by LINKgroup’s CCD
    • Discount for other courses in the database
    • Discount for ICE video courses
    • Discount for Cambridge PDQ programs


    • Option to become an associate (lectures, writing blog posts, etc.)
    • Visits to ICE and other educational institutions
    • Discount for educational services provided by the LINK Educational Alliance

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