Ninth problem

Final chance to take part in Brainfinity 2021: The ninth Brainfinity problem tests your event organization skills

It’s time for the last Brainfinity problem which can qualify you for the Brainfinity 2021 Challenge.

This time, your task is to organize an online concert. Let’s help a big music company to solve a dilemma – whether it pays off to invest in online concerts.

Online event: Plan and organize an online concert of your band

We won’t keep you in suspense. Check out the ninth Brainfinity problem and start solving it now. Send your answers to no later than Monday, February 15.

Note: Click here to download the problem.

Take the last chance to participate in this year's Brainfinity

This is the last in the series of problems we have prepared for you as a qualifying round for Brainfinity 2021. If you haven’t qualified for the next round of the competition, now is the perfect time to do so.

Apart from the ninth Brainfinity problem, you can still qualify for the next round by solving the eighth Brainfinity problem by March 12.

REMINDER: Registration is required for all teams participating in the problem

Problem solvers, if you solve the problem but fail to register for the competition here, we won’t be able to consider your answers, which means you won’t qualify for the Brainfinity Challenge.

Therefore, we invite you to register HERE if you’re interested in solving our problems.

Here are more details about the rules and regulations. Good luck!