Third Braifninity problem

Awaiting Code Week

Decode the Message, the third Brainfinity problem created with Digital Serbia Initiative, brings an invaluable experience

Problem solvers, here comes the third Brainfinity problem!

We have created the problem entitled Decode the Message together with the non-profit organization Digital Serbia Initiative so as to encourage young people to develop their skills.

What makes the third Brainfinity problem special is not just that it enables teams to qualify for the Brainfinity challenge, but also the fact that Digital Serbia Initiative provides the winning teams with the opportunity to visit some of the most successful IT companies in Serbia and meet their problem solvers.

Future IT experts, how about a bit of coding?

We tackled hidden messages and poetry in the first two Brainfinity problems. Now it’s decoding time.

Taking into account that Code Week takes place each year October 10 through 25, we decided to use this theme for our third Brainfinity problem. Together with Digital Serbia Initiative, we created the problem Decode the Message, designed to help you develop your IT skills and combine them with computational thinking, resourcefulness, teamwork, innovativeness, and all the knowledge you have gained throughout your education.

Solve the third Brainfinity problem: Decode the Message

The aliens are still giving us trouble. Now they’re doing it in code. Try to solve the new Brainfinity problem and send your answers HERE no later than Thursday, October 15.

To qualify for the Brainfinity challenge, the teams need to complete the 1st assignment of the Brainfinity problem.

Note: The problem spreads across two pages and you can download it here.

Digital Serbia Initiative has made another step in supporting education in Serbia

Digital Serbia Initiative, a non-profit, non-governmental organization with the strategic goal of developing a strong, globally competitive digital economy in Serbia, has recognized Brainfinity as an excellent concept for promoting non-formal education in Serbia, which is merely one of their activities.

In addition to investing in strategic programs in the areas of formal and informal education, Digital Serbia Initiative also invests in startup ecosystem development, legal and regulatory frameworks, digital infrastructure and public dialogue on digital transformation.

Brainfinity and Digital Serbia Initiative share a mission to fully use the innovation brought by Industry 4.0 and create inventive opportunities applicable in different fields.

We strongly believe that our joint efforts will continue to overlap in the future.

An interesting experience for the teams that can solve the third Brainfinity problem

The teams that successfully solve the third Brainfinity problem qualify for the Brainfinity challenge. However, there’s more.

Thanks to Digital Serbia Initiative, the teams that offer the best answer will win the chance to spend a day at some of the most successful IT companies in the country and meet the people whose teams meet the challenges of the modern digital product industry on a daily basis.

Simply put, Brainfinity teams will have a unique chance to see what it’s like to work in a modern business environment and discover whether they can imagine themselves in such surroundings in the future.

It is necessary to register a team before solving Branfinity problems

In order to qualify for the Brainfinity challenge via the 3rd Brainfinity problem and win a valuable prize given by Digital Serbia Initiative, you need to REGISTER YOUR TEAM for Brainfinity 2021.

Registration for Brainfinity 2021 is free. If you’re not sure how to register, please follow this link.

A more challenging problem increases your chances of qualifying

Problem solvers, you have plenty of time to delve into this problem. If you think the task is too difficult, we advise you to be persistent and reread it multiple times. We’re sure you will come up with great ideas in no time.

We kindly remind you to follow the competition rules and deadlines, and send your answers no later than October 15, as we won’t consider answers sent after the deadline.

We wish you good luck in solving the latest Brainfinity problem.