Teachers – here’s how to create a team for Brainfinity

Teachers-mentors are a requirement for Brainfinity. On the one hand, they provide the biggest support to the students during the preparations and the competition itself, while on the other hand, teams without a mentor cannot partake in the competition as they don’t meet the necessary registration criteria.

If you believe you have a great relationship and mutual understanding with your students, the time is perfect to strengthen your bond through this competition.

At Brainfinity, you can mentor multiple teams and there is no limitation as to the number of teams you can register from one school.

Register your team for Brainfinity

To register your team, you need to:

Form a team

Form a team

A team comprises 4 elementary school students attending years 5-8 and high school students.

Follow the competition rules

Follow the rules

A team must have a name, email address, logo and team photo.



Complete the Brainfinity registration process and register as soon as possible.

Benefits for students and teachers

In addition to strengthening your bond with the students, Brainfinity will bring additional benefits to everyone.

Your achievement at Brainfinity will be an addition to your CV. Moreover, you will meet your colleagues who share the same teaching interests and learn about new, different methods teachers can use to make their classes as interesting as possible.

The younger part of the team will not only make new friends, they will also have the opportunity to win medals and valuable prizes.