The fifth Brainfinity problem

The 5th Brainfinity problem is treating students with a new challenge: Design and create a new problem – one, two, three, go!

Brainfinity is dedicating the 5th Brainfinity problem to Brainfinity Problem Solving Week, which will take place from December 7 through 13 in honor of a problem solving pioneer, the Hungarian mathematician Pólya György.

This time, we have decided to switch roles: In the 5th Brainfinity problem, the students don’t solve but create problems. You can learn more below.

The teams that design the best problems will qualify for the next Brainfinity stage

Problem solving entails not only finding solutions to problems, but problem design, as well. Creating Brainfinity problems is no easy task. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourselves.

Your task in the 5th Brainfinity problem is to design a problem and send it to with the subject “Brainfinity week – students”, not later than December 7, when the Brainfinity Problem Solving Week begins.

This time, the 4th and 5th Brainfinity problems overlap for a few days; however, it’s the perfect the moment to show how organized and resourceful your team is.

Three steps in solving the 5th Brainfinity problem

In order for us to accept your Brainfinity problems, you need to follow these three steps:

1. Register your team for Brainfinity

The first item is the same as always – register your team for Brainfinity here, if you haven’t done so by now. If your team is registered, apply for Brainfinity Week here.

2. Design a problem that will be interesting to you and others

Use your imagination. Talk to your team members about which topics could be interesting to you, but also to people who are younger and older than you. What motivates you? What do you enjoy? Find previous Brainfinity problems for inspiration; use the Internet and modern technology to explore and complete your ideas, and enjoy the process.

3. Send us your problem by December 7

Problems submitted after this date will not be considered.

Why this deadline? Because we want to present your good ideas to Brainfinity Week participants in one of the workshops. Therefore, we suggest you secure your place at Brainfinity Week by applying here. You can expect useful advice, ideas and suggestions throughout the competition.

We have great plans – your problems will find their place in the Brainfinity problem collection

Yes, you’ve read it right. Why should we be the only ones to enjoy the skills of our smart, young problem solvers? We want to boast and show everyone what kind of students form part of our Brainfinity community!

Brainfinity experts will thoroughly analyze each problem and send suggestions to some teams. Afterwards, the Brainfinity team will start creating the problem collection you will be able to download. Remember, since our experts will be solving your problems, make them “elegant both inside and outside”.

We hope this motivate you to roll up your sleeves with a 100% energy level!

Invite your friends to form a team and take part in Brainfinity

If you find this Brainfinity problem interesting, invite your friends from school, sports practice, the park or your building to take part, register their team and try their hand at creating problem solving tasks.

It’s time to switch roles – are you ready? 🙃