What others say about Brainfinity

Brainfinity promotes STEAM subjects and problem-based thinking

“It gives me great pleasure that my team participated in Brainfinity, a competition that promotes STEAM subjects and problem-based thinking, allowing them to prepare themselves for labor market challenges.” Sanja Ječmenica, teacher

Sanja Ječmenica
Vojin Prokopijević

Skills necessary for future employment

“This is a great experience where we learned how to efficiently and quickly solve problems in a team, which is really important for my future calling.” Vojin Prokopijević, student

Challenges children seldom encounter

“Brainfinity enabled us to compete in challenges we haven’t see so far. The children apply systematized knowledge from different areas which they cannot showcase in other competitions.” Suzana Drljača, teacher

Suzana Drljača
Aleksa Gavrilović

Bolstering the children’s confidence

“At Brainfinity, I learned that I can achieve any goal, as long as I work hard for it”, Aleksa Gavrilović, students and winner of Brainfinity 2020

Developing logical thinking in a creative manner

“Students participating in Brainfinity have nothing but praise for your tasks and are delighted by each new challenge they face. As a parent, I fully support the creative methods you use to develop the students’ logical thinking skills“, Ivana Paunović, parent

Ivana Paunović, roditelj
Lav Milić

A competition where you don’t learn by heart

“This competition is really related to IT; we use laptops and it’s the first competition where you don’t learn anything by heart”, Lav Milić, student and winner of Brainfinity 2020

Interdisciplinary approach to learning

“This competition is great because it combines mathematics and reality. I particularly like its interdisciplinary nature. Brainfinity teaches you how to solve a problem that’s not just physics or just the Serbian language, but matemastrohemogeolinguistics”, Nemanja Đorđević, member of the Brainfinity 2020 jury

Nemanja Đorđević
Tanja Martić

More than just textbook knowledge

“Other competitions require children to show the knowledge they gained from textbooks, but here they can use logic and combine their skills by working together in a team”, Tanja Martić, teacher

Preparing children for life in the ICT age

“We haven’t had such an interesting competition for a long time; one that requires teamwork and allows children to solve real-life problems together. It prepares them for life in the ICT age”,  Olivera Nešić

Katarina Banjac

Teamwork is a must

“Brainfinity works only if we communicate; if we’re united and work together.” Katarina Banjac, student

Indispensable help from the mentors

“Help from the mentors meant a lot. This kind of support is precisely what you need for a competition like this one”, Žana Jelovac, student and winner of Brainfinity 2020

Žana Jelovac
Jelena Savković

A competition for the future

“Brainfinity is a unique competition that develops the students’ overall skills. I think this is a competition for the future”, Jelena Savković, teacher

Brainfinity improves teachers as well

“The students learn about problem-solving and teamwork through real-life tasks. As a teacher, I learned a lot at Brainfinity through the use of modern digital technologies in education. It’s dynamic, interesting and unique”. Aleksandra Živković Gavrić

Aleksandra Živković
Dragana Marić Peruničić

A place where there are no teacher-student barriers

“I am delighted with the competition. What I like the most is the cooperation with the students, as there are no student-teacher barriers”, Dragana Marić Peruničić, teacher

The children are pushing past their limits

“This is totally different and new. At Brainfinity, the children learned that they can achieve much more than they think in a short amount of time”, Svetlana Savović, teacher

Svetlana Savović
Tanja Olear Gojić

Our children need problem-solving

“Problem-solving is very important for our children. It is a great challenge for the students and teachers alike. Brainfinity requires you to think and apply new skills. We’re expecting more interesting tasks in the future”, Tanja Olear Gojić, teacher

Interaction and learning

“The competition was very interesting. All of us communicated, solved problems and spent quality time together”, Iva, student and winner of Brainfinity 2019

Radoje Košanin

A relaxed environment that engages the participants

“Brainfinity tasks are based on entrepreneurial competencies. The children are relaxed, stress-free and deeply committed”, Radoje Košanin, teacher

A competition not just for straight-A students

“It means a lot to the children that they can compete outside school. It’s also important that the competition is not just for straight-A students, but for all skillful and quick students who love math and have developed entrepreneurial abilities, to put it in modern terms“. Jelena Petrović-Mitić