Attention, here comes the first Brainfinity 2022 problem! You have a four-part riddle to solve – answer correctly to unlock each subsequent step

Dear detectives, we have a special treat for your little grey cells!

This year’s first Brainfinity problem has arrived, aaand…Let the Brainfinity 2022 qualifications begin!

The rules of the competition are the same

We haven’t changed the rules of Brainfinity. We start with the qualification round that includes the Brainfinity problem. The contestants who solve at least one problem will qualify for the next round, where they will tackle the Brainfinity challenge. The most successful participants will have the chance to partake in the grand Brainfinity finals scheduled for next year.

So let’s begin …

How to send your answers

Although you will enter your solutions in the answer box on the website, it is necessary to send a PDF document with detailed explanations on how you solved the problem to this platform.

Please submit the evidence regarding your solutions no later than September 15.

Your username is your team email, and the password is Brainf@2021.

Don’t forget your team email; if you do – contact us as soon as possible! We suggest only one team member log on to the platform and send your answer so as to avoid sending different solutions.

A step-by-step path to the final answer

Your task is to solve the riddle – the answer is in the poem. We will reveal the entire poem in four parts. Each stanza has a solution that leads you to the next riddle.

You can find the poem below. Good luck, contestants! Show us that you are worthy successors of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot!

The Riddle

In the Granite State

The race begins for the President’s mandate.

The town in question is very close,

You could walk – it’s in front of your nose.

For Abe a car would’ve been great,

He’d be there in no time, and never be late.

The festival is what this town’s known for,

An event with music and love galore.

There was peace for three days,

And in the end, Jimmy played his “Haze”.

What matters here is the year, you know!

When was this amazing show?

What year are we looking for?

Read the first stanza carefully and if you know the year, enter it without spaces HERE to get the new stanza you need to decipher. That’s the second step in solving this Brainfinity problem.