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This is the best Brainfinity 2020 class (VIDEO) + a surprise for all the teachers who submitted their Brainfinity classes

During Brainfinity week, teachers had the opportunity to record a problem solving class and receive a valuable prize – free membership at the Institute for Contemporary Education in Belgrade (ICE) for next year. However, Brainfinity decided to reward all the teachers who have sent a Brainfinity class with ICE membership with special benefits.

Among all the videos we have received, the one sent by Aleksandra Žižić from “Isidora Sekulić” Elementary School in Belgrade stood out. Her class showed how children can join forces to solve a Brainfinity problem. We chose this to be the best Brainfinity class, as teacher Aleksandra displayed innovation, enhanced teaching skills and excellent use of problem solving in teaching.

In addition, “Isidora Sekulić” Elementary School received additional points, enabling it to get closer to obtaining the Brainfinity Problem Solving School status.

Take a look at the winning Brainfinity class

This video, which teacher Aleksandra submitted to Brainfinity Week’s best Brainfinity 2020 class competition, showed other teachers how they can use problem solving in teaching.

Check out the winning Brainfinity 2020 class.

Analysis of the winning Brainfinity class at a Brainfinity Week workshop. Apply now

Teachers and others interested in problem solving classes can attend the workshop “Examples of best practices: What does a Brainfinity class look like?”, scheduled for Wednesday, December 9, starting from 7 PM, where Brainfinity creator, professor Ivan Anić, will analyze in great detail the winning Brainfinity class.

On a specific example, Brainfinity Week participants will be able to learn about what constitutes a problem solving class, how Brainfinity classes are different from regular ones, and they will also hear about new ideas they can implement in class.