SonS Europe about Brainfinity

Recognition from the prestigious European STEM network: "Brainfinity is the biggest STEAM competition in the region"

Science on Stage Europe, the largest European STEM network with over 100,000 STEM teachers from the EU whose mission is to enhance teaching quality when it comes to technology, engineering and math, highlights Brainfinity as the biggest STEAM competition in the region.

“Science on Stage Serbia organized Brainfinity, a unique competition in which elementary school students in years 5 through 8 solve real-life problems in teams using all the benefits of information technology (computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.). The fact that 333 teams across Serbia and the region applied for the competition confirms that Brainfinity generated much interest among children, parents and teachers” – claims Science on Stage Europe in the article about Brainfinity 2020 published on their website.

A quick reminder that Science on Stage Serbia and the Institute for Contemporary Education organized Brainfinity 2020, which took place on June 6 at two locations – Savremena Gimnazija and the Information Technology High School (ITHS).

Here is the entire Science on Stage Europe article about Brainfinity »

SonS – the European platform for STEAM teachers

Science on Stage Serbia, a branch of Science on Stage Europe, is a network of STEM teachers of all educational levels who comprise a European platform for exchanging ideas. Their work is designed to improve the image of science and technology in schools and in the public.

The main goals of Science on Stage Serbia are the implementation and enhancement of STEM education at the national level, organizing teacher training and various STEM workshops for students, and the continuous expansion of innovative teaching practice in Serbia. With this in mind, Brainfinity was the perfect way to implement the activities that move the boundaries of education.

At Brainfinity, the teachers/mentors exchanged ideas and experiences and attended the educational lecture entitled “In Step With the Digital Education Revolution” while their students were solving the tasks. Most importantly, they used STEAM principles to prepare their teams for this innovative competition.

“It gives me great pleasure to have my team participate in Brainfinity, a competition that promotes STEAM subjects and problem solving; in other words, it helps students prepare for the labor market”, says teacher Sanja Ječmenica, and this is just one of the many positive comments about Brainfinity sent by the teachers/mentors.

Brainfinity applies STEAM principles

On their website, Science on Stage Europe published a report which gives a detailed account of Brainfinity 2020, the rules, the venue, and the prizes handed out to the students and the teachers…

What SonS Europe particularly highlights is the idea behind Brainfinity, which resembles their own.

“Brainfinity applies STEAM principles, which develop children’s skills regarding science, technology, the arts and mathematics, as well as other academic and life skills (media literacy, resourcefulness and a proactive approach) designed to help the students prepare for the labor market”, writes Science on Stage Europe.

Praise that puts wind in the sails

Such accolades show that we’re on the right track. Praise from this impressive network which was created in Germany and currently includes 35 European countries plus Canada, Egypt, Georgia and Kazakhstan, motivates us to be even better in the future.

For the upcoming period, we’re preparing new concepts as an addition to the Brainfinity competition and we’re continuing to contribute to the transformation of education in our region and beyond.