Brainfini surprise

Novelties in September

We're preparing a big surprise for all problem solvers

As previously announced, we’re starting to implement even greater Brainfinity ideas. Brainfinity is going to be so much more than a competition!

Brainfinity embraces all age groups

Given that it generated huge interest among all age groups in such a short amount of time, Brainfinity is carrying out new plans this summer.

We won’t reveal much for now, but we’re moving the age limit for Brainfinity!

We strive to promote technological education among all generations and use top-quality ideas and innovation to enhance teaching in our schools. Our ultimate goal is to enable children to achieve better results not for the sake of school marks, but for the sake of their own development.

In addition, Brainfinity will team up with the biggest companies on the market in order to provide children with special tasks and valuable prizes.

We are expanding the Brainfinity community and reforming education

If we consider the number of students and mentors who applied for Brainfinity, we have almost 2,000 students and teachers who share a passion for a modern, innovative and structurally different type of education where one learns through cooperation and play. And let’s not forget the parents of these students.

This is just a small reminder of how far we can go if we join forces in the Brainfinity education reform. And we want this from the bottom of our hearts.

Due to the great ideas in education that need to reach a greater audience, your excellent feedback and the support shared by the children and the teachers, we’re continuing to expand the Brainfinity community.

We can’t wait for the next chapter.

Keep following Brainfinity and you will soon find out what we have in store for you.