New Brainfinity problems next week for all problem solvers + IMPORTANT INFO for all the finalists

Each team that solves at least one problem qualifies for the second stage

Dear problem solvers,
We have long started preparing new tasks for you and next week, you can expect the first Brainfinity problem that will help you qualify for the second stage of Brainfinity 2021.
However, to access this problem, you need to solve the “Lost Friend” task from the Brainfinity 2020 finals. The answer is the code for accessing our new problem which we will publish next week.
You have enough time to find the right answer.

New teams, register if you want to solve Brainfinity problems

New Brainfinity problems are for EVERYONE – old teams and new teams!
New teams that want to become a part of Brainfinity have to register first, by designing a team name, logo and photo. The teams that took part in Brainifnity 2020 needn’t register again.
Don’t forget that Brainfinity is a team contest, so apply your teamwork skills. Also, be original when designing your team, as you will receive points for your visual identity.
Register your new team HERE (all fields are required).
Note: Teams that did not participate in Brainfinity 2020 must register in order to solve new Brainfinity problems.

All Brainfinity 2020 finalists have officially entered the second stage of Brainfinity 2021

Unlike this year’s competition, Brainfinity 2021 will have three stages. The first stage includes solving Brainfinity problems, the second stage is the online Brainfinity challenge, and the third one is the Brainfinity final.
Given that the Brainfinity 2020 finalists displayed remarkable knowledge and skills, they qualified directly for the second stage of the competition. However, regardless of the fact that they are not required to solve the problems we are currently preparing, we suggest they do so, as this will serve as an additional preparation for the other stages of the competition.
Stay alert, as you can expect our new Brainfinity problem towards the end of next week. We can’t wait!