The Brainfinity project

Let’s practice together for the Brainfinity 2020 finals!
And get new finalists

Finalists, we believe you are preparing for the big Brainfinity 2020 finals. In order for you to be fully prepared, we have decided to help you.

As part of the Brainfinity project, we will post logical-thinking tasks you will solve together in order to prepare for the finals. But this is not all.

The Brainfinity project for all the finalists and those who wish to be

The Brainfinity project is open not only to the finalists, but also to other four-member teams, provided the team members attend primary school years 5 through 8.

Every other Monday at 12 noon, starting from Monday, March 23, we will publish one problem-solving task on our official Facebook and Instagram profiles. These tasks will be great training for the finalists and a ticket for the Brainfinity finals for all other teams.

Yes, you’ve read it right: four teams with the best performance in the Brainfinity project will qualify for this year’s Brainfinity finals.

You have seven days to complete the Brainfinity project

The Brainfinity project includes a comprehensive task which is the same for years 5, 6, 7 and 8, and your team has as many as seven days to complete it.

So, you can send your answers within 7 days following the publishing of the Brainfinity project, i.e. by the following Monday.

The teams are to send their answers to, after which our jury will evaluate them and publish the results of the project.

In view of the current situation in the country and the world, we kindly ask the teams not to meet, but to think of a way to use digital technology to complete the Brainfinity project and send their answers.

This time, we will not evaluate the answers sent after the deadline.

Work together, not individually

As you know, Brainfinity is a Collaborative Problem Solving Challenge, which is why we only accept teamwork in the project.

The tasks we have prepared for you in the Brainfinity project are taken from “BIGZ školstvo” textbooks. Although these tasks address individuals, disregard this fact and solve them ONLY with your four-member teams.

We would also like to thank our partner “BIGZ školstvo” for allowing us to use their tasks for the Brainfinity project.

Use this opportunity and become a part of the Brainfinity 2020 finals

Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the unique Brainfinity project and qualify for the finals. We have some truly exciting tasks for you.

Prepare on time! The first Brainfinity project will be published on our Facebook and Instagram profiles at 12 noon on Monday, March 23