Students shine at the Brainfinity 2020 challenge: Take a look at the team ranking + a GIFT for all the participants

The first stage of Brainfinity 2020, the Brainfinity challenge, took place on Saturday, March 14. 333 teams solved logical tasks in order to reach the finals.

The students showed remarkable problem solving skills, and the best teams will compete at the Brainfinity 2020 finals which will take place at the Institute for Contemporary Education.

The best teams have qualified for the Brainfinity finals

The Brainfinity 2020 challenge included as many as 333 teams, while 259 teams managed to successfully submit their answers. Namely, 75 teams from Year 5, 79 teams from Year 6, 56 teams from Year 7 and 49 teams from Year 8.

Here you can see the list of the finalists.

The teams’ excellent performance in the Brainfinity 2020 challenge was confirmed by the fact that the number of finalists increased 2.5 times.

The children were delighted by the competition. They enjoyed solving the problems, as did their teachers. The teams were excellent and we had a difficult time selecting the finalists,

said Ivan Anić, the organizer of Brainfinity 2020.

Ivan Anić

The Brainfinity tasks were a real challenge for the students

The Brainfinity 2020 challenge consisted of three tasks; the teams had two hours to solve the tasks and submit their answers.

The students particularly liked the task with the summer holiday, whereas judging by the submitted answers, they struggled a bit with the third task.

Although many teams failed to comply with the submission procedure, the jury decided to evaluate each submitted answer.

“Despite the fact that the Brainfinity 2020 challenge lasted for two hours, we gave the teams a bit more time to work, as we took into consideration all the options that could have affected their performance. For example, many teams had problems with internet speed”, said Anić, adding that the evaluation will be stricter next year.

Take a look at the tasks the teams solved as part of the Brainfinity 2020 challenge.

Praise from all sides

The students, teachers and parents showed great interest in Braifinity, which is evident by the accolades we’ve received.

It means a lot to the kids that they can compete outside school. More importantly, the competition is open not only to straight-A students, but to all the children who are skillful, quick, like math and have entrepreneurial abilities – to put it in modern terms 😏. Both the kids and I liked the brain teasers one cannot find in standard competitions,

wrote Jelena Petrović-Mitić on the Brainfinity Facebook page.

“Dynamic, interesting, unique”, “It’s been a while since we’ve had such an interesting competition which requires teamwork, collaboration and thinking aimed at solving real-life problems in an entertaining manner. It prepares children for life in the age of ICT.”, “A great experience; our team is really pleased. They had fun, explored and worked together”, “The detective task was fantastic! Well done!” –  are some of the comments on social networks.

How did the teams place at the Brainfinity 2020 challenge?

On Saturday, the list of Brainfinity finalists was published. Below you can see the ranking of the other teams at the Brainfinity 2020 challenge.

The Brainfinity jury marked the teams with stars (0 to 3 stars):

*** (three stars)

Excellent teams that specialize in problem-solving were awarded three stars. These team members are able to tackle truly serious problems… The best teams with three stars qualified for the finals.

** (two stars)

Problem-solving is a strong quality of the teams that got two stars. If you continue pursuing this field in the future, you will develop your problem-solving skills and become experts in this domain in just a few months. We’re expecting you next year!

* (one star)

The teams that got one star are on the path to becoming good at problem-solving. Continue solving problems together as part of your team. This will help you in different real-life situations.

No stars

The teams that didn’t get any stars failed to solve the Brainfinity challenge tasks or send the answers within the deadline. We wish these teams better luck next year.

A GIFT for all the participants in the Brainfinity 2020 challenge

All the participants in the Brainfinity 2020 challenge receive a prize regardless of whether they have qualified for the finals or not.


Brainfinity contestants have shown they can cooperate and display a strong team spirit. They have also exhibited excellent digital literacy skills, which is a prerequisite for success in life.

Therefore, we have prepared a free English language course for all the participants in the Brainfinity 2020 challenge.

All the contestants need to do is FILL OUT THIS FORM, after which we will contact them and enable them to attend this free course.

We would like to congratulate all the contestants on their effort. Finalists, good luck in the finals.