These are the best Brainfinity 2021 logos

Brainfinity is a competition that fosters the students’ open thinking skills, team spirit, desire for learning, as well as innovation and creativity.

This is why at Brainfinity, the teams receive points for their visual identity, i.e. logo and team name.

Here are the 22 teams we have singled out for their authenticity. They will receive points before the competition has even started!

Our criteria

Each registered team can win 0–10 points for their visual identity.


Given that evaluating team logos and team names is a tricky task, the Brainfinity jury used several criteria in order to do this job objectively.

The three most important criteria are:

  1. logo authenticity and copyright protection;
  2. team name creativity;
  3. elements deemed authentic by the jury.

The teams which used copyright-protected images from the Internet have received 0 points.

More points have been awarded to the teams which used some elements found online.

The teams which used an online program to design their logo and the teams which used images from websites that allow users to download pictures have received the maximum number of points (10).

The jury has been fully dedicated to evaluating the logos, and the points awarded can prove to be crucial for the final ranking.

Here are the teams which have received the maximum number of points for their visual identity

These are the most authentic teams that have won a maximum of 10 points. The points for the other teams will be included in the final count at the Brainfinity 2021 challenge on Saturday.

The teams with the best Brainfinity logos this year (in alphabetical order):

  • 4Smart
  • Atomski mravi
  • Big Brain Time
  • Brain breakers
  • Brain Hackers
  • Brainstorm Squad
  • Detektivski umovi
  • Echipa
  • Evil geniuses
  • Grupa1
  • Kaktusi
  • KL2V
  • M3D2
  • Mašinerija
  • Math Aliens
  • Metalci
  • Metalni ofinger
  • Natus Vincere
  • Secret Code
  • Sive ćelije
  • Vukovi
  • Zeleni parni radijatori
Brainfinity 2021

The top logos at Brainfinity 2021

These are not the only teams that have won 10 points. The points won by the other teams will be added to their challenge score on Saturday.

These teams receive 2 extra points for excellence!

The Brainfinity jury awarded 2 extra points for excellence to the most authentic teams. This means that the teams will enter the Brainfinity challenge with as many as 12 points.

We wish the best of luck to all the contestants. We would also like to congratulate these teams for their dedication and commitment.