Brainfinity Problem Solving Week welcomed more than 3,000 participants from Serbia, Germany, Austria, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina...

The fact that problem solving has intrigued the public was evident from the number of participants in the first online problem solving event in our region.

Brainfinity Problem Solving Week took place online December 7 through 13, 2020 and was followed by more than 3,000 students, teachers, parents, schools and companies form Serbia, Germany, Austria, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, all of whom learned why problem solving is a skill for the future.

Lectures for everyone at Brainfinity Week

Given that this is a socially useful event designed to transform the education system, Brainfinity Week participants gained invaluable experience and got many ideas they can apply in different areas.

Throughout Problem Solving Week, they learned about the “problem solving law”, how problem solving is used in teaching, why successful companies have recognized the creative energy of children as an important factor in their business activities, how to use problem solving to prepare for a job interview, and much more.

The Brainfinity team carefully designed each lecture so that each participant could find something appealing. Vladislav Radak’s lecture “Should we leave investment funds to fifth-graders?” was chosen as the most interesting one.

Making problem solving popular

Brainfinity Week, which took place in the week celebrating the birthday of problem solving pioneer, Pólya György, is just one of the activities through which Brainfinity promotes problem solving.

The Brainfinity organization welcomes all problem solvers and those who wish to become problem solvers; those who want to learn about problem solving and those interested in professional development.

The first activity launched by Brainfinity is a unique problem solving competition for elementary and high school students designed to encourage young people to think out of the box and teach them that there is no single approach to solving any problem.

In addition to the competition, Brainfinity opened a Problem Solving Training Center, where teachers can individually develop their problem solving skills, as well as the online Creative Problem Solving course intended for everyone who wants to learn through professional guidance. Brainfinity has also formed a community of Brainfinity schools promoting the most important skill in the 21st century, and has managed to connect companies and students through company case studies.

Take a look at all Brainfinity Week lectures on the Brainfinity YouTube channel

Due to great interest, Brainfinity decided to publish all Brainfinity Week lectures.

If you have missed a lecture, you can check it out on our official YouTube channel in the Brainfinity Week 2020 playlist. Each week we will add one workshop, starting with the lecture given by Vladislav Radak.

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Until then, send us your feedback about what you particularly liked at Brainfinity Week and what we can do to improve.